Female Glory Hole Stories

Stories are not only meant for male audience and there are specific stories targeted for the female audience too. Men and women do not have to same experience when it comes to sex. Most men want things to be more hardcore while women prefer things to be passionate or romantic with the exception of a few. So stories are not the same for everyone and what a man likes may not impress a woman. If you were to see the comments which the story has received you may understand everything about this.

In case of a glory hole story in a forum, you may see many men comment on certain stories praising the author for evolving out with such a brilliant story and in fact many ask or plead the writer to carry forward with the story until they have heard entirely from them. But there may not be a single woman to comment on these stories. So people started writing female glory hole stories just to attract the other part of the audience towards the story and get their interest from it. So if you are female interested in glory hole stories then search the internet to find some for your taste.



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