Wife Glory Hole Stories

One popular concept in the case of stories is that people like to read about wives banging other or someone laying down a woman who is not meant for her. Though this seems to be a complete fantasy people still enjoy reading them and don't forget there are real life incidents to where a wife cheats on her man. Though this may seem an unethical behavior and men do not prefer it still many get turned on by it. The very thought of your wife cheating on you and enjoying with someone else gives work to all your tired bones and muscles. This is the reason why you find most of the stories involve the concept of a lame husband who is portrayed as an unfit person not able to match up to his wife's standards and the wife resorting to other men such as a neighbor or some friend of her husband to satisfy her.

These stories have made a big audience and in the case of glory hole stories involving a wife, makes things even more interesting as it just talks about a wife who goes to the extent of having sex with some unknown person through a hole. Just reading on this concept may have an effect on you.



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